Prepare for Brexit

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has distributed flyers urging companies that “time is running out” to prepare for Brexit. The transition period ends on December 31st and the UK will officially leave the EU the following day.

Despite the impending deadline, many businesses remain unprepared for the changing rules that will be in place from next year. Metro reported that only 24% of businesses were ready for Brexit in September, while the Financial Times stated that 1000s of business remained unprepared a month later.

The publicity campaign assures that “There will be no extension. Businesses will see changes whether we reach an agreement with the EU or not.” It also states that will be “guaranteed changes” to the imports, exports, hiring procedures and the providing services to EU markets.

To avoid business operations being interrupted, the business department recommend taking 3 steps:

“1. Check what actions you need to take by visiting

2. Sign up for updates.

3. Attend government webinars for additional support.”

With just over a month from Brexit, it’s essential that businesses take the necessary steps to reduce disruption.

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