We Are A Leading Accountancy Firm in North Manchester

Not all accountants are the same 

landing-bgAlexander Bursk is one of the longest established Manchester accountancy firms having been in business for over 50 years.
We believe we can take care of all your accounting needs. We will help support your business by providing high quality advice and support at a cost effective price.
Although we are North Manchester accountants, we can provide our tax services to customers anywhere in the region and beyond.

The services we offer are as comprehensive as any of the accountancy firms in Manchester. Rememebr, not all accountants are the same as our clients would attest.

Here are the accountancy and tax services we provide.

We can minimise your tax liabilities

If you are concerned about reducing and minimising your tax liabilities, we are the accountancy firm in North Manchester to talk to about tax return services. Why not call us to book for a personal consultation. Reducing your tax liabilities can be an effective way to substantially reduce your annual business overheads.

We can prepare your accounts

Of course we can. We’re accountants providing accounting in Manchester (and beyond!). But also so much more. So give us a call.

We can audit your accounts

Sometimes you don’t just need an accountant, you need an auditor. We do that too. Why not enquire how we can help you.

We can maintain your books and records

Many smaller companies find it difficult enough running a company without the extra burden in time or employment costs to maintain up-to-date accounts. That’s where we come in as accountants in Manchester (and beyond!). Please call us to discuss your requirements. You may be surprised how cost-effective it can be.

We can complete and submit your VAT returns

It’s truly amazing what we can do. VAT returns are so time-consuming. All those bits of paper. If VAT returns frustrate you and take your valuable time, if you are not sure of your responsibilities, please call and arrange a consultation where we can discuss the tax return services you need.

We can complete and submit your self-assessment returns

Yes, every year, you receive one of those booklets which can be bewildering to complete. You may even be able to reduce your tax liability and not know it. Instead of shoving it in a drawer, forgetting it until the taxman warns you about a fine, why not consider our tax return services. Even if we can’t save you money, we can ensure a proper return to avoid future problems. Call us now.

We can run your payroll services in Manchester (and beyond!)

As Manchester accountants, there is more to us than just boring old accounts. Payroll can also be so time-consuming: P-this and P-that, tax codes, payslips. You have to invest time and money to set this up. Why not outsource it to us to provide payroll services in Manchester; we’ll produce all this in a timely fashion every month. Peace of mind whilst you get on with your business.

We are charity accountants

That doesn’t mean we provide our services for free! It means we specialise in accountancy for charities. If you are a registered charity, you may be able to benefit from our services. Please call us for a consultation.

We can help your business grow

By providing all of the above we can reduce costs, improve efficiency and allow you to concentrate on YOUR business.

This is why we are one of the leading accountancy firms in Manchester (and beyond!)

Oh and we also make good coffee!