Book Keeping Services in Manchester

Bookkeeping services

Here at Alexander Bursk, we understand as a business owner, your focus should be on managing the day to day tasks of running a successful business. That’s why we provide a comprehensive bookkeeping service to take care of all your bookkeeping needs. With over fifty years of experience providing vital bookkeeping services to our clients, we are manchester number one choice when it comes to accounting services. Our book-keeping services include:

Manchester Accountants - Book keepingBooks and records

At Alexander Bursk all books and record keeping on behalf of clients are maintained correctly and updated as required. Our clients range from large, multinational holdings to small sole traders. All books and record keeping are held in the same high regard and maintained correctly no matter the size of the client.

Cash books

The comprehensive systems operated by us to complete cash books can include anything from double entry systems with specific sales and purchase ledgers to single entry analysed cash books held in excel. However you choose to hold your cash books, Alexander Bursk can help provide the framework and maintenance needed for Cash Bookkeeping.

Record Maintenance

It is our recommendation that all records are maintained electronically, we believe this is the best form of bookkeeping. We offer advice and support on selecting the right bookkeeping system for their business. At Alexander Bursk we advocate the use of Sage bookkeeping programs as well as our own tailored made systems. We are happy to talk you through the best record maintenance system for your own needs.

VAT Returns

Here at Alexander Bursk we believe in removing the stress from VAT returns. That’s why we prepare VAT returns on behalf of our clients, helping them put their business first. We also offer clients advice and support on all areas of VAT.

VAT on Importing and Exporting

With over five decades of experience dealing with VAT, Alexander Bursk can offer clients advice on VAT considerations for importing and exporting of goods and services. We have considerable experience with this area of business and can help prepare and advise on Intrastrat forms.

Management Accounts

As firm advocates of electronic book-keepering we are able to offer Management Accounts to our clients. This can be beneficial to your business as it removes any undue delay for management accounts preparation and delivery.


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As trusted book-keepers for businesses across Manchester, Alexander Bursk can help provide a range of bookkeeping services for your business. Why not contact us today to discuss your bookkeeping needs and how we can help.

Frequently asked questions

What book-keeping system do you recommend?

There is a huge range of bookkeeping systems available today. You may have already heard of the likes of Xero, Sage and Quickbooks. We typically work with Sage but are proficient in most major book-keeping systems. We can even provide a bespoke book-keeping system if you are looking to start from scratch.

I need bookkeeping and VAT return services, can you provide both?

Yes. With over fifty years of experience dealing with the bookkeeping and VAT returns on behalf of our clients, Alexander Bursk is able to offer a full range of bookkeeping services including VAT returns and VAT returns for businesses who deal with imports and exports. For more information please contact us on 0161 773 7737 or email

Do your record maintenance services adhere to the data protection act? 

Absolutely. Our wealth of knowledge means we know how the data protection act works in relation to bookkeeping and record maintenance. All of our bookkeeping procedures adhere to the current data protection laws and are updated as changes to the data protection act take hold.