Business Plan Creation Service

Business Plans

If you wish to raise finance, whether an existing or a new business, you will need to prepare a Business Plan.

The main parts of a Business Plan are as follows:

  • Outline of proposal
  • Full detail of the business, whether new or existing,including an explanation of why finance is required and the uses that it will be put to
  • An analysis of the existing and potential market
  • A review of the competition
  • A summary of the experience of the key individuals involved in the business
  • Cash Flow Projection for at least one year
  • Projected accounts
  • Lists of assumptions upon which the projected cash flow and accounts are prepared
  • Conclusion emphasising the advantages of the investment

A Business Plan will help you to :

– Consider all aspects of the business
– Decide on the best course of action to take things forward
– Give you a clear understanding of your Business and the targets that you need to achieve

We at Alexander Burk can help you produce a Business Plan to a high standard .

We find including photograph of various aspects of the business helps to improve the quality of the presentation

We also have extensive banking contacts if required

Our Professional Approach to the production of quality Business Plans gives them the greatest chance to succeed.