Taxation Advice in Manchester

taxationTax got you baffled? We at Alexander Bursk are here to help!

Tax planning is essential to minimise tax liabilities and applies to all aspects of taxation including:

  • Income tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Inheritance tax

We offer expert advice on ways to reduce your tax.

Tax liability

We do not merely calculate your tax liability. We aim to identify tax saving opportunities for you with a view to both minimising and indeed, where possible, avoiding liabilities.

Revenue Approved Schemes

We have expertise on various approved revenue schemes e.g. Enterprise Investment Scheme

Sole traders and partnerships

Tax planning can produce tax savings on many aspects of business, for example:-

  • whether to buy, hire, or contract hire cars
  • whether to employ your spouse or go into partnership with them
  • whether and how much to claim for ‘use of home as office’

Directors and shareholders

We supply Directors and Shareholders with essential advice on matters such as:-

  • the most tax efficient way to extract funds
  • whether to issue shares to your spouse or employ them
  • the advantages and disadvantages of having a car in the business.

Contact Alexander Bursk so that our tax planning can reduce your tax liability !