Accountants in Manchester

The accountancy services we offer are as comprehensive as any of the accountancy firms in Manchester.

Here are the accountancy services we provide:

Minimising tax liabilities

We can help you reduce and minimise your tax liabilites. Why not call us to book for a personal consultation. Reducing your tax liabilities can be an effective way to substantially reduce your annual business overheads.

Preparing your accounts

This is the main thing that accountants do, and we are accountants in Manchester, so please give us a call.


Did you know that accountants can be auditors too? We do that. Why not enquire how we can help you.

Maintaining your books and records

Many smaller companies find it difficult enough running a company without the extra burden in time or employment costs to maintain up-to-date accounts. That’s where we come in as accountants in Manchester. Please call us to discuss your requirements. You may be surprised how cost-effective it can be.

Submitting VAT returns

VAT returns are so time-consuming and pretty boring, to be honest. All those bits of paper. If VAT returns frustrate you and take your valuable time, if you are not sure of your responsibilities, please call and arrange a consultation.

Completing and submitting self-assessment returns

Yes, every year, you receive one of those booklets which can be bewildering to complete. You may even be able to reduce your tax liability and not know it. Instead of shoving it in a drawer, forgetting it until the taxman warns you about a fine, why not consider our services. Even if we can’t save you money, we can ensure a proper return to avoid future problems. Call us now.

Wherever you are based we at Alexander Bursk can help you.

Contact us to discuss how your business will benefit.